Springfield Township Democratic Committee

Serving the Montgomery County, PA communities of Flourtown, Erdenheim, Oreland, and Wyndmoor, and including portions of Lafayette Hill, Miquom, Laverock, North Hills, and Glenside. 



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Preview Montgomery’s County’s New Voting Machines. More…

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Use the New Voting Machines. More …

Poll Worker Training Schedule -

This training is for person who work inside the poll and are paid by the county, not volunteers who stand outside the polls to greet voters and hand out sample ballots.

Poll workers are REQUIRED to complete this cycle’s Poll Worker Training, or they will not be permitted to work the polls. Click the link for the training schedule: https://www.montcopa.org/DocumentCenter/View/23676/Primary-2019-Pollworker-Training-Schedule

It’s Spring — Time for Some Real Grass-Roots Fund Raising

Our Plant and Bake Sale on May 4th is a major fundraiser for Springfield’s Democratic Committee. Please support us. Here’s a timeline volunteers and a list what we need. More …

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Meet the Candidates for School Board. More …

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From left to right: Neil DiFranco, Katherine Sarsfield (incumbent), Michael Needleman, Dr. Carol Etlen, Gretchen Slapinsky (incumbent), Jeffery Bedard (incumbent) 

Elections this year? You bet. And they are important ones.

Officials elected in 2019 will directly affect the quality of your daily life: they oversee taxes, schools, parks, street, zoning, public safety, voting machines, and more.

Here is who is up for election in 2019:

School Board—legislative body that provides for support and maintenance of Springfield Township’s public schools

Township Commissioners—administrators of local government

County Commissioners—administrators of county government

Row Officers—these are the officials who run the county offices—deeds, wills, licenses, courts, etc…

Judges—supervise courts, rule on questions of law

For more information on the roles of School Board, Commissioners, Row Officers, and Judges, click HERE.

What's Happening...

General Meeting: Springfield Township Democratic Committee, Thursday, May 9, Meet & Greet 6:30, Meeting 7:00 PM

Free Library of Springfield Township   8900 Hawthorne Lane           Wyndmoor, PA  19038                       (set your GPS to Glenside)

Call for Block Captains:

Block Captains work with Committee Persons to keep their neighbors informed and encourage them to vote. Block Captains canvass, make phone calls, host gatherings, greet voters at the polls, and more…. 

Block Captains Win Elections! 

Join us: Contact Springfield Dems or your local Committee Person to help make the Blue Wave. 

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