Get Involved

What can I do right now?

Stay Positive: When Democrats vote, we win. The opposition knows this, so their #1 tactic is to discourage and suppress voting. 

Check your Registration: Make sure you’ll be able to vote on election day. Make sure your address is correct. Ask your family and friends to check also.

Not Registered? Moved recently? Want to change parties?: Register now.

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What else can I do? 

Research the candidates. Do you know who your state Representative is? Or your state senator? Congress person? Go online and visit their websites. If you’re in Springfield Township, you may be surprised at how lucky we are to have such great representatives.

Meet the candidates: Get out. Go to the rallies and town halls. You could even host a candidate for a meet and greet in your home. 

Network: Talk about voting to family and friends—social pressure is a strong determinant of voting behavior. 

And of course...