Block Captain

Help Power the Blue Wave

Become a Block Captain

This election is arguably the most critical election of our lifetime, and we need Democrats to stand-up and take back our government street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood.
We are seeking motivated Democrats who want to make a difference in their neighborhoods by helping the Springfield Township Democratic Party in as many different possible ways as they are able, such as:

  • Registering new voters
  • Knocking on doors and speaking with their neighbors
  • Distributing literature
  • Making phone calls
  • Getting out the vote just before Election Day (GOTV)
  • Driving voters to the polls
  • Greeting voters outside of the polls on Election Day

The role of a block captain is essential –  block captains assist their elected Democratic Committeepersons to help get Democratic voters in their neighborhoods to the polls on Election Day.
We always need more block captains – there is much to accomplish!
Remember that individuals like you power the Blue Wave – and your Country and your Community need your help.